Aerobic DVDs—the Best Exercise Videos You'll Ever See!

Aerobic DVDs—the Best Exercise Videos You'll Ever See!

Exercising along with our aerobic DVDs is not just fun because exercise is fun, it’s also a pleasure because the ladies in the video are both booty-ful and beautiful. Let’s face it: after watching all the skinny, no-butt models and performers on most DVDs, it’s an absolute pleasure to see big butt video performers that are actually enjoyable to watch moving. We didn’t hire a single one of those skinny or thin ladies who look like they need food more than exercise. We hired big booty DVD performers so that our exercise video would be the best exercise video around—and would be not just a cool exercise movie but a big butt movie as well, since millions of people of both sexes feel there's nothing more beautiful than a big booty workout.

Anyway, the photography in our DVDs takes careful notice of the callipygian charms of our ladies. This is because we’re trying everything we know to promote a more healthy body role model for women and girls who are unfortunately constantly bombarded with images of role models that are skinny and sometimes anorexic looking. This is wrong and unhealthy. They're even trying to promote the no-butt and boy-butt look on adult women, when they ought to be admitting that a curvy booty is MUCH prettier than a flat, boring one!

So do yourself a favor: stop and take a look at the 6 photos on this web page—all taken directly from our exercise videos. First there's a lady jumping rope. Be honest, now: aren't you just dying to see that magnificent big butt in action? Well, guess what? Get our DVDs and you will! But our aerobic DVDs are not the only place where we feature her in yummy booty action. We also put her and our other big butt video ladies in action on YouTube and all the comments are extremely positive! The world seems to agree that these are the types of bodies that get us sighing with admiration and artistic appreciation. We even slowed down the action a bit on YouTube so you could see for yourself just how hypnotically beautiful her booty looks as she jumps up and down. (continued below)
But then look at some of the adorable faces of our performers below! (All photos are taken direct from our aerobic DVDs. They're not staged or posed in any way.) Aren't THESE the kind of faces you want to have in the exercise videos you work out with? These ladies look REAL, not plastic like the ones you normally see on DVDs. We looked far and wide for women who were both booty-ful and beautiful, and I think you'll have to admit we scored big time. But these faces will NOT be talking at you, nagging you to exercise along with them, or anything else. And they ESPECIALLY won't be trying to get you to work out in order to lose weight or change yourself. All this does is lower self esteem!

In actual fact, while our ladies are exercising, not a single one will say a single word! Instead, there's just good exercise music to follow along with as you follow the moves the ladies are making. However, in addition to two 20-minute exercise segments on each of our DVDs, there's also an optional 15-minute motivational section where Fanny talks to you and simply encourages you to exercise in order to be healthy. She emphatically advises you to avoid using skinny models as body role models, and avoid trying to become scrawny because it’s the new fad.

Anyway, back to the pictures. Check out the last 2 photos. The first one is of an adorably callipygian lady doing a cool move in her exercise ball video, since, yes, one of our videos is partially an exercise ball workout video, but you may think of it as a big booty DVD if you like! The second photo is of a pretty lady doing a hands and knees workout routine on a different one of our aerobic DVDs.

You can think of our DVDs in many ways, all of which will be accurate: step aerobic DVD, big butt video, aerobic DVD, big butt movie, best exercise video, exercise ball video, exercise video DVD, exercise ball workout video, big booty DVD, aerobic exercise video, yoga exercise video, step exercise video, exercise fitness video, booty exercise, exercise workout video, booty workout, aerobic DVD exercise, and booty DVD. We’re happy with any of these terms. Note what the media and the internet have tried to do to taint phrases like big butt with negative connotations: They try to connect skinny butts with health, beauty, and good morals, while they try to connect big butts with unhealthiness, ugliness, and immoral pursuits like porn or strippers. The facts are that there are a lot more ladies in porn and stripping that have small butts than there are big butts, so the lie can now be seen for what it is: cheap and dirty name-calling to try to persuade ALL ladies that aren’t scrawny to run out and purchase loads of dieting and weight loss products of all kinds so they can be skinny which is supposed to make them more desirable. I challenge you to compare the beauty of the healthy looking ladies on our videos with the scrawny models!

Look at the 6 photos on this web page. Do you want to see THESE gorgeous ladies in action, with lots of shots that admire their big butt charms, or would you rather watch the boring, nagging, cookie-cutter-stamped ladies in most aerobic exercise DVDs? I thought so! Enjoy our DVDs, and happy exercising!
Buy aerobic DVDs or watch sample video clips. Either way, admire the yummy ladies!